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Ikon Shocks USA is located in Tucson, Arizona and serves customers worldwide. We stock hundreds of pairs of Ikon shocks and fork springs for most popular applications of Ikon Suspension products, ready for same day shipping. 

Ikon shocks are the direct descendent of the legendary Koni shocks that were the performance upgrade of choice when your vintage motorcycle was brand new. Ikon Suspension now features 6 different types of shocks for on and off-road motorcycles plus excellent progressive fork springs that are a perfect complement to a new pair of Ikon shocks. Ikon Suspension has developed applications for over 1,000 different motorcycles from the 1950s to present date. 

The modern Ikon 7610 twin-tube shock shares many parts with the classic Koni 7610, and we are fully equipped with factory parts, tools and training to rebuild both Ikon and Koni shocks in house. 

The Ikon Suspension 7610 model is also available in several combinations of finish, with black or chrome bodies, black or chrome springs, and with or without black or chrome spring covers just below the eye of the shock. These appearance packages very closely resemble the original OEM shocks in many instances, and will preserve the classic look of your vintage motorcycle while restoring like-new performance, comfort, and control.

BMW and Harley-Davidson motorcycles are also well represented in the Ikon Suspension line - we have shocks and fork springs that will improve the quality and comfort of your ride while preserving the classic good looks you love. 

Service and special orders are a specialty - if you need Ikon shocks tailored to your ride in looks or appearance, we are happy to oblige. Many of the components of the Ikon Suspension 7610 series can be interchanged, covers added or removed, and springs can be quickly changed for lighter or heavier options at no cost. We want you to get a great product, and we will work hard to earn your business. 

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