Ikon Shocks USA...By RestoCycle!

Ikon replacement shock springs are wound from the finest European spring steel, and will provide many years of service on your Ikon or Koni shocks. Ikon shocks are normally shipped with springs appropriate for a rider in the 160 - 220 lb range, and preload may be adjusted to fine tune the suspension setup for riders within that range, or adjusted to accommodate passengers or luggage added to the motorcycle.

Riders that frequently ride two-up or heavily loaded will often benefit from installation of a heavier spring. Lighter riders will also benefit from swapping to different springs, to ensure that the full range of the shock absorber's stroke is available to ensure a smooth and controlled ride.

Spring swaps to lighter or heavier springs for new shock sales are included at NO CHARGE. Just be certain to indicate your weight plus the weight of any luggage or passengers your frequently carry when placing your order as indicated during checkout. 

For information on the original springs that were installed on your standard Ikon or Koni shock absorbers, please see our Ikon_Shocks_USA_Specifications_2016.xls reference. (Microsoft Excel Doc, read-only format)