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Progressive Fork Spring - 500-061 Progressive Fork Springs (pair)
  • Progressive Fork Spring - 500-061 Progressive Fork Springs (pair)
500-061 Progressive Fork Springs (pair) - is not in stock and your order will take 2-3 weeks to fill. Please contact us if you need this sooner.

IKON 500-061 - Ikon progressive fork springs restore proper suspension travel to tired vintage forks and reduce brake dive and bottoming. Constructed from high-strength spring steel. These are the perfect complement to a new pair of Ikon shocks and will restore comfort, control and confidence to your ride.

This model fits(spacer/comment):

Honda CB650 (none)
Honda CX500 Custom (none)
Honda CB650C (Use Original)
Honda CB650B 81 on
Kawasaki 1000 LTD 77-80 (none)
Kawasaki KZ1000 77-82 (none)
Kawasaki KZ900 / LTD 74-75 (none)
Kawasaki Z1R 76-80 (none)
Kawasaki Z900 (Z1) 73-80 (none)
Kawasaki Z1000 A2 78 on
Kawasaki Z1000 MK2 79 on
Suzuki GR650 83 (none)
Suzuki GS650E 81 (none)
Suzuki GS750E / L 77-82 (none)
Yamaha 550 Maxim (20mm x 25)
Yamaha 550 Vision (DISC STD)
Yamaha XJ900M.AD 83-84