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Shock Absorber - 3214-1648 Shock Absorber
  • Shock Absorber - 3214-1648 Shock Absorber
3214-1648 Shock Absorber - is not in stock. As of August 1, 2020, items not in stock may take as long as 8 weeks to fulfill due to backlog at the Ikon factory. We apologize for the delay.

3214-1648 The Ikon 3214 series shock is a lightweight gas-charged monotube shock absorber which allows it to be installed in traditional or inverted orientation, to suit specialized applications including many street and off-road motorcycles. The 3214 series utilizes screw-thread collars for finely adjustable preload settings over a wide range, progressive springs and features 4-position rebound damping adjustment. Fully rebuildable and revalveable, these can be special ordered with lighter or heavier springs to suit your specific application.

Natural aluminum colored body with black spring and silver spring cap and seat.

Product photos shown are representative for trim combinations, and the specific eye or clevis mounts and length for your bike may not be shown. 3214 shocks are sold in pairs for this application. Ordering quantity of 1 will purchase a pair of shock absorbers.

This model fits:

Triumph Bonneville & Bonneville SE (Alloy wheel models) 09-15 This shock has a lighter spring that is ideal on this motorcycle for lighter riders or solo use.