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Shock Absorber - 76-1239 Shock Absorber
  • Shock Absorber - 76-1239 Shock Absorber
76-1239 Shock Absorber - is not in stock and your order will take 2-3 weeks to fill. Please contact us if you need this sooner.

76-1239 Ikon's 76-series shocks are ideal for a wide range of modern & vintage motorcycles and scooters where a simpler or less expensive option is needed.

Ikon's 76-1239 is a specialized version of the 76-series shock that was developed for Vincent motorcycles, which utilize the same single shock front and rear. Ikon's 76-1239 features an appearance much more like that of the original shock with an aluminium body & black dust cover. Springs on these bikes are separate and not included with the replacement shocks.  

As with all 76 series shocks, this is not adjustable for damping or preload but they are rebuildable.


This shock is sold SINGLY. Order quantity two to get a pair of shocks for both ends of your motorcycle. 

This model fits:

Vincent HRD1000 Black Lightning 1000 series C