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Ikon/Koni 76/7610/7614 Seal Kit
  • Ikon/Koni 76/7610/7614 Seal Kit
Ikon/Koni 76/7610/7614 Seal Kit - is not in stock. As of August 1, 2020, items not in stock may take as long as 8 weeks to fulfill due to backlog at the Ikon factory. We apologize for the delay.

SEAL KIT - 1 pair main shaft seals, body o-rings and shaft o-rings plus 40mm black bump stops to rebuild 1 pair of Ikon 76/7610/7614 Shock Absorbers. These may also be used to rebuild Koni 7610 shocks, but not the Koni 76-series. Includes damping fluid reference chart for accurate filling of interior damper tubes.

Shock service involves compressing the springs to disassemble the shocks plus pin spanners are needed to remove the gland nut and top eye nut. 5w suspension fluid is recommended for recharge. 

Want us to do it for you? We are factory tooled and trained with a large supply of spare parts that are sometimes needed to make your old shocks look and work like new. Click here for details on our Ikon and Koni shock absorber rebuild service: