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Ikon or Koni 7610/7614 Shock Rebuild (pair)
  • Ikon or Koni 7610/7614 Shock Rebuild (pair)
Ikon or Koni 7610/7614 Shock Rebuild (pair) - is not in stock. As of August 1, 2020, items not in stock may take as long as 8 weeks to fulfill due to backlog at the Ikon factory. We apologize for the delay.

Ikon or Koni 7610/7614 Shock Absorber Service

We are factory trained and fully stocked with an extensive collection of service and replacement parts for repair and rebuilding of virtually any Koni or Ikon 7610 or 7614 series shock absorber. Rebuild service is priced at $250 per pair, and includes disassembly, cleaning, and inspection of the shock and spring, plus reassembly with new factory seals, orings, and black bump stops, plus the correct volume of suspension fluid. 

Rebuild service can also include replacement of springs with new units in black powdercoat or chrome at additional cost.

Very rarely we encounter damage to shafts or other components that may make it more cost-effective to replace the set with new - in this case we will extend a $75 discount towards purchase. 

Turnaround for shock service is about 1 week in shop, or faster if you need it and we can accommodate.  

Rebuild services include a 90-day warranty on all parts and workmanship. 

Please note: We do not service Koni automotive products and we cannot service Koni 76-series shock absorbers due to lack of parts availability. If your old Koni shocks do not have a small black damping adjustment wheel below the top eye, they are 76-series shocks and we cannot service them.

After ordering this service, please pack your shocks in a well-padded box and ship to:

RestoCycle LLC

3476 S Dodge Blvd., Suite 3

Tucson, Arizona, 85713


Note! This service is priced per PAIR of shocks Order quantity 1 for rebuild service for a pair of shocks.